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    Good afternoon !

    My name is Hamza Davis and I develop business for Heartland .

    We are known for our Convenient to use Merchant Credit Card Programs in addition too Payroll/HR Applications .

    I discern you may find yourself concerned with operating your business .

    The purpose of my contact at this time is actually to try to find the proper person so I can present more pertaining to our merchant credit card solution and therefore tell you about how our coveted 3-year price lock can benefit your own business .

    If you happen to be the correct person to get in touch with , what does your work schedule look like ? If you are not , who do you urge I get in touch with ?

    Thank you for your time and interest .

    Regards ,

    Hamza Davis
    760 Old Roswell Road
    Suite 784
    Roswell , Georgia 30076
    creditcardpaymentprocessing .online

    If the services is not relevant or of no interest , kindly declare with STOP as the Subject line and no further contact will be made in our behalf . All contact data involved with email broadcasts will not be compiled or released .

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