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braydon sleeping

Part 2: Sleep Training Our 4 month Old Infant

Part 2: Sleep Training Our 4 month Old Infant   As you might have read in part 1, our son was a good infant sleeper. The exception was shortly after birth he slept...

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5 Tips For Flying With An Infant

Travel tips for flying with an infant In February we took Baby B on a trip to Palm Springs California, his first international trip and his first time boarding an airplane. At just...

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Braydon Bed

Part 1: Why We Need To Sleep Train Our 4 Month Old Infant

Part 1: Why we need to sleep train our 4 month old infant   Baby B was a good sleeper in the beginning. He did what most newborns do, wake every 3 hours...

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Tips for Getting a Child Canadian Passport

Tips for Getting a Child Canadian Passport I knew it needed to be done but I wasn’t looking forward to it. Every time Cameron and I had to get our Canadian passports renewed,...

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family pic

Our Story

Hello and Welcome to TipsForBabyTravel.com!  We are Nicole and Cameron Wears, a married couple and newbie parents living in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. You might already know us...

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5 months pregnant in Mexico

5 Tips For Traveling While Pregnant

A new trend in travel are babymoons. Its basically a relaxing vacation before the new arrival. When we got the opportunity to take a month off to travel to Belize, Guatemala and Mexico,...

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