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Baby Travel Tips from Keryn Means of ‘Walking on Travels’

The goal for this travel blog is to share practical baby travel tips to help parents prepare for their next big adventure. Because of this, we feel it’s also important to get different...

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airport security

Packing and Preparing for Airport Security

With the holiday season fast approaching, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority has asked us to share this guest post about how to pack and prepare for airport security. Have a read, there...

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11 Holiday Gift Ideas for Travel With A Baby

11 Holiday Gift Ideas for Travel With A Baby With the holidays fast approaching, we thought we’d help you out by sharing some holiday gift ideas for someone who’s pregnant or planning a...

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Paris, France – Not so Baby Friendly!

3 Reasons Paris is NOT so Baby Friendly On our most recent trip to Europe we spent four days exploring Paris. We’ve been to Paris before and we love the city, particularity its...

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Where’s Baby B: At his first Luau in Maui, Hawaii

Where’s Baby B: At his first Luau in Maui, Hawaii On our last trip to Maui we attended the Kaanapali Sunset Luau, hosted on the perfectly manicured grounds of the Sheraton Maui in Lahaina. We...

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8 Reasons We Love Train Travel With An Infant

8 reasons why we love traveling by train with an infant We love everything about traveling around Europe by train. We love the simplicity of train travel and we love being able to...

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