Yummy breakfast

Traveling while pregnant: Drinking and Eating

Traveling while pregnant: Drinking and Eating Regardless of the destination, there are a couple things you should consider before drinking and eating while pregnant. On our most recent trip to California, I didn’t...

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Where’s Baby B: Santa Monica, California

Cruising the boardwalk in Santa Monica, California Since Baby B is about to become a big brother, we decided to take one final vacation as a family of three. It was a chance...

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Baby B asleep in the car

Tips for planning naps when you travel

It took a long time for Baby B to become a good sleeper. Whoever came up with the term ‘sleep like a baby’ didn’t have a baby like him! Because of these past...

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Product Review: The Onya Baby Carrier

Product Review: Onya Baby Carrier Baby B loves being in a carrier. Maybe it’s our stroller he doesn’t like, but ever since he was a baby he was only content for a short...

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Do I need to bring baby food to Mexico?

Do I need to bring baby food for a trip to Mexico? On our recent trip to Mexico we met a nice couple who had a son slightly younger than Baby B. As...

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Baby Travel Tips from Marina of ‘TravelExperta.com’

  The goal for this travel blog is to share practical baby travel tips to help parents prepare for their next big adventure. Because of this, we feel it’s also important to get...

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