First Class Kid MAIN

How to help your child sleep on a plane

A must have travel item to help your child sleep on a plane We love to travel, but what we don’t love is the thought of being on a 9+ hour plane ride with our...

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Onya Baby Carrier

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Baby Travel

Our Favorite Holiday Gifts for Baby Travel Baby B is now over 2 years old and Baby Connor has experienced his first trip at 6 weeks old. Over the past couple years we’ve...

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Gear Review: The Piggyback Rider

Gear Review: The Piggyback Rider Surrounding ourselves with nature has always been an important part of our lives, but mountain hikes and long walks can be a bit too much for Baby B....

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Product Review: The Onya Baby Carrier

Product Review: Onya Baby Carrier Baby B loves being in a carrier. Maybe it’s our stroller he doesn’t like, but ever since he was a baby he was only content for a short...

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