Baby Travel Tip – Flying With An Infant

Each time we fly with Baby B, we learn something new. As you might have read in our first post on 5 tips for flying with an infant, there are some things you can do to make your trip more enjoyable. On our most recent 6 hour flight (Baby’s longest so far) we have learned another simple airline baby travel tip.

Book an aisle and window seat at the back of the plane

Most airlines we have flown only have one change table, and it’s always in the restroom located at the back of the plane. We watched countless families try to get around food carts or have to wait until the food service was done because they were unable to get around. If you’re already in the back, the restroom is easily accessible and you don’t have to stand in line with an uncomfortable baby.

The most likely seat on a plane where you can get the entire row (without paying for all the seats) is the very last row. This is because they don’t fully recline so airlines are hesitant to give them out unless it’s necessary. On two separate flights, we were put there after requesting to put a block on our middle seat. The plane was not full so at check-in they suggested we take those seats. We were happy to have the extra space, even if the seats didn’t fully recline.


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