And the sex of our new baby is…

baby cake 2

We’re having a baby BOY!

Last month we hosted a BBQ at our house. The purpose of the social gathering was to “reveal to the world” the sex of our future baby.

When Nicole was pregnant with Baby B we found out the sex at the hospital, while doing the 20-week ultrasound. We wanted to know the sex ahead of time but we found the experience to be very anti-climatic. It was a huge moment for us, but it felt a little lackluster.

Because of this, we wanted to do things differently this time. We wanted to share the experience with our family and close friends.

baby cake

So, we had a custom cake made that revealed the gender when we cut into it.

We had our doctor write the sex of the baby on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. We then mailed the envelope to our cake baker. She baked us a cake with neutral colours on the outside (so the secret stayed intact) and coloured the inside of the cake with either blue (boy) or pink (girl).

We had a strong feeling the baby was a boy, and often refer to the baby as “he” or “him”, but we didn’t know the sex of the baby until that moment. With family and friends eagerly watching, we cut into the cake and it revealed the colour blue. It’s a boy!

It was a fun way to discover the sex of the baby. Now, time to start picking names and painting the baby room!


Have you attended a baby reveal party? How was the baby “revealed”?
Share your experience in the comments section below, we’d love to read about it!


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