And then there were four…

It’s hard to imagine.

How is our newborn baby boy already over one month old? More unimaginable, how is it possible that this little miracle was in my belly a few weeks ago?

“The key to happiness is to acquire meaningful experiences, not material items.”

This powerful statement was shared with us by a kind, elderly man in Varanasi, India. We sat on the floor of his humble carpet store, sipping a small cup of chai while listening to his stories about astrology, Indian economics and what life was like when the British ruled.

He was a wise man with a simple message, one that will likely stick with us forever.

I am reminded of his words as I watch Baby Connor sleep in his baby swing. His tiny snores sound like a squeaky gate blowing in the wind. He’s so precious and small. I can’t think of a more meaningful experience.

It still hasn’t fully sunk in that we’re now a family of four.

As you can probably imagine, this past month has been quite full. It’s not nearly as intense as when Baby B was born, but the days seem to disappear quickly. Although travel plays an important role in our lives, it’s the furthest thing from our thoughts right now.

We’re trying our best to enjoy each and every moment with our little boys because we know how fast things will change.

Baby B is in love with his baby brother. He smiles and giggles when Connor enters the room and showers him with forehead kisses. It’s ridiculously adorable.

Here are a few photos taken one week after Connor was born…


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