Baby Travel Tips for Luzern, Switzerland

Baby travel tips for Luzern, Switzerland

Switzerland has been on our travel wish list for years, so we were excited to finally make it a reality this summer. There’s no shortage of outdoor adventure in Switzerland, but this trip was going to be different than our previous visits to Europe. We now have to consider Baby B’s needs and his daily routines, so long hikes and river rafting excursions need to be put on hold for the next year or two.

Our research pointed us to Luzern, a medieval city that’s located on the shores of Lake Luzern. It’s quite a popular tourist destination because of its charming Old Town and close proximity to the Swiss Alps.

Luzren has everything we look for in a European city – historical architecture, outdoor restaurants and breweries, cobblestone roads, pointy cathedrals and fresh flowers hanging from windows.

Here are a few baby travel tips for Luzern


1) Lots of Bridges with stairs

Luzern’s star attractions are its old wooden bridges, but these bridges are more than a tourist attraction, they connect the city. If you’re like us, you’ll be using your baby stroller a lot. Most of the bridges have stairs, which can be difficult for baby strollers, especially if you don’t have a partner with you.

2) The Old Town is not very big

Luzern is a very walkable city. It’s one of the things we like most about the city. The Old Town is not very big so it’s fairly easy to navigate. That said, we still recommend you bring a baby stroller and/or baby carrier.

3) Request a room out of the sun

We visited Luzern in August and it was VERY hot. Because Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries we’ve visited when we booked our hotel, air-conditioning was an expensive additional cost (most hotels with air-conditioning were about 300 Euros a night). We assumed the lake and mountains would provide cool evenings and nighttime relief – we were wrong. If you’re traveling with an infant we recommend you get air-conditioning, if it’s out of your budget, then request a room not facing the sun. It will keep the room noticeably cooler.

4) Book a hotel near the train station

There are several hotels located within a 10 minute walk to the main train station. It’s fairly easy to walk to these hotels from the station so you can avoid the annoying task of loading and unloading all of your luggage, baby gear and stroller into an expensive taxi. The Old Town is the place to be but the cobblestone roads are hard on the stroller and the tight streets zig and zag, so it’s easy to get lost.

5) Mount Pilatus is baby friendly

Easily seen from the streets of Luzern, Mount Pilatus is a must for every visitor to central Switzerland. There are a few different ways to reach the peak but we recommend the Golden Round Trip (assuming you’re visiting during the summer months). The Golden Round Trip is an interesting half-day or whole-day excursion that includes a boat trip on Lake Lucerne and ride up the world’s steepest cogwheel railway to Pilatus Kulm (altitude 2,132 metres or 7,000 feet). The trip also includes an aerial tram and a series of panoramic gondolas, so leave the stroller at the hotel and bring your baby carrier instead. And don’t forget to pack some warm clothes, it gets chilly at the top.


Have you been to Luzern? Do you have any baby travel tips to share?
Share your experience in the comments section below!


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