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Note: We use all of the products found in the baby travel gear section and would recommend them to our friends.



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  • Hello from a Winnipegger working in Ethiopia! Found your blog and was encouraged. We’ve seen a whole bunch of places with our 8-month old, including Nairobi Kenya (twice), Addis Ababa, the amazing northern historical route in Ethiopia, Munich, and Salzburg and Hallstatt in Austria. I’m thinking we’ll have to go back to all these places one day just to show our little one all the amazing things she saw (or slept through) when she was as young as two weeks old.

    So we’re not doing as well as you are as far as sleeping is concerned but we are indeed learning how to do the travel thing better. From our experience, we couldn’t have traveled without our Baby Bjorn travel cot, her stainless steel waterbottle/sippy cup, a Moby wrap (big long piece of fabric), laundry soap, plastic containers to store food, and a cloth contraption called My Little Seat, which we use here all the time because high chairs are few and very far between.

    Next stop: packing up our life here to take the intercontinental flight to Philadelphia and New York, and then back home to Winnipeg, with our one bag/person allowance. Yikes.

    At any rate, it was fun to stumble across your blog, and get advice from your experience. All the best.

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