Baby Travel Clothing

Sun Protective Swimsuit (SPF 50)

If your going someplace warm and there’s a pool, having protective swimwear is a must. If your infant is under 6 months, it’s not recommended to use sunscreen so a outfit like the UV Sun Protective Swimsuit is a great option. It’s fast drying, soft and keeps away the harsh sun from baby’s sensitive skin. It also is a great play outfit when at the beach!




Having a Splash About Baby Wrap/Wetsuit to keep babies warm in and around water is a great idea. Especially for pools which are colder in temperature. The texture of the wet-suit helps parents with their grip and also helps block the sun. The unique design opens completely flat for ease of dressing and adjustment.



Infant Sunglasses

It’s really hard finding Infant Sunglasses which fit and will stay on your little one. Baby B hates the sun in his eyes so these are a must in the summer and when traveling to warm climates. They are 100% UVA/UVB protection and the strap is neoprene elastic making it a comfortable fit.


Infant Swimming Diapers


Sure, you can use disposable diapers every-time your little ones goes swimming. Or, for the same price as one package of disposables, you can have a cute Bummis Swimmi Cloth Diaper. They fit well, look adorable and they’ll save you money. Not to mention, it’s only one thing to pack!




Note: We use all of the products found in the baby travel gear section and would recommend them to our friends.


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