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Onya Baby Carrier

We love traveling with our Onya Baby Cruiser Baby Carrier. It’s is ergonomic and well made. The most unique feature of the Onya Baby is the infant travel chair which fits perfectly in the front koala pouch. It’s a useful feature when traveling or bouncing  around the city. The carrier fits easily around almost any chair and is quite useful when high chair is available. And because it’s a part of the actual carrier, there’s no extra packing or things to remember.

Ergo Baby Carrier

Our son loves his Ergo Baby Carrier and like the Onya Baby, we think it’s one of the best baby carriers. We have the 100% Cotton ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier. I love that it doesn’t hurt my back because it easily distributes Baby B’s weight evenly across my hips and shoulders. It can be worn in the front, back or hip position and I love that it supports Baby B in a natural sitting position.

Dislike: I dislike that Baby B cannot look forward. As he’s grown, he’s more interested in his surroundings. He’s always trying to look around and with him facing me, it’s a little difficult for him to see.

Note: We use all of the products found in the baby travel gear section and would recommend them to our friends.

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