Do I need to bring baby food to Mexico?


Do I need to bring baby food for a trip to Mexico?

On our recent trip to Mexico we met a nice couple who had a son slightly younger than Baby B. As Baby B devoured his eggs and croissants from the resort’s buffet, I noticed they were only feeding their son food that they brought from home.

Curious, I asked the reason they weren’t feeding any buffet food to their son. It turns out they were very worried about their baby getting sick, so they brought all his food with them (and it took up a lot of room in their luggage).

Since their baby was a little younger than Baby B, I understood – he ate mostly cereals and purees on our trip to Europe when he was that age.

However, with Baby B, there was no way he would be okay with only having packaged food for two weeks at 13 months old. We did bring snacks for the plane and travel days, but for everything else, he ate whatever he ate.

None of us got sick and we ate very well.


Most all-inclusive resorts have a lot of options for food, but if your baby is less than a year old or still requires lots of soft/pureed foods, then I would have brought food with us.

If you run out of rice cereal or baby food, most resorts don’t have a place to purchase more without going into town to find a grocery store. So, for infants less than a year old, it’s wise to bring pre-packaged jars and rice cereal with you.

Back to the question — do I need to bring baby food while traveling to Mexico? It really depends on the age of the child. If your infant is over a year, then likely no. You will find enough food at the resort for your baby. If they are less than a year and still eat mainly pureed foods, then I would bring food.

Have you visited Mexico with a baby? What food tip would you share?
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  • This is good advice. For those planning a longer stay, as Keryn says, you can buy baby food in grocery stores in Mexico, but you may not find the brands you’re used to. Gerber is widely available – and in Mexico all commercial baby food is generally referred to as “Gerber” (pronounced sort of like gair-bair). It may be hard to find baby foods without added sugar, salt, corn starch, etc. Usually just the Stage 1 Gerbers don’t have anything extra added, so whenever possible, it’s best to just mash your own.

  • Even at 11 months I was able to feed my little guy a lot of table food. We were staying in town though, so things like rice and beans, flaky fish, and other mushy items were readily available. I did bring jar food just in case, AND i had ask our hotel if baby food was available at the local grocery store. A small selection of Gerber baby foods were on hand at the store, making my bags just a little bit easier (and light!) to pack. I agree though. If you are at a resort it is better to pack your own stuff. Town may not be as close as you think, especially if you don’t have a car to make a quick grocery run.

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