How we Balance Work, Family and Travel


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How we Balance Work, Family and Travel

“How do you find the time and money travel so much while raising a baby?”

It’s a question we’ve been getting a lot recently from our friends, colleagues and readers. Our answer is always the same – life balance.

We started our first travel blog four years ago, before embarking on an around the world trip. Followers of our blog during that period were interested in the journey, tuning in each week to learn about a new destination or simply to find our where we were on that particular day.

But our travel blogs, like our life journey, has evolved.

Riverboat, Zurich, Switzerland

Although we are no longer gallivanting around the globe, our adventure is still very much alive. It has just evolved with the times.

We now have a home that we love – and the wonderful mortgage that comes with it! We have careers that challenge us and, like most of the working world, we are required to be present in the office every day.

Sure, sometimes the 9-5 work routine gets tiring and repetitive, but that’s the sacrifice for being able to afford the lifestyle we choose.

We’ve met a number of people, mostly fellow travel bloggers, that have decided a life of perpetual travel is the best way to live their lives. We applaud them for having the courage to pursue a lifestyle less ordinary, one that fits their personal goals and passions.

But, after living out of backpacks for over a year, we’ve learned that a perpetual travel lifestyle is not for us. We no longer wish to live out of a backpack indefinitely. We grew tired of not having money or a bed to call our own.

We’ve learned that travel, though important to us, is only one part of our life journey.

So that brings us to the question. How do we balance work, family and travel?

Well, the good news for you fellow cubicle dwellers and full-time workers is that you don’t need to quit your job to travel the world.

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