Perfect Family Friendly Destination – Maui, Hawaii

Why we think Maui is a perfect Family Friendly Destination

As I sat in the comfy lounge chair, watching the palm trees sway in the breeze and Baby B rolling around on the grass, I couldn’t help but think that Maui has to be one of the best family friendly destinations. Families surrounded me by the pool, some with infants the same age as Baby B, others with energetic toddlers or young teenagers.

Baby B loves the warm weather. The sun, the grass, the breeze. It was the first time he felt the ocean sand between his toes. He was very intrigued and, of course, he then tried to eat it.

Even though we were traveling with an infant we still had the opportunity to enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars and explore many parts of the tropical island. We didn’t have to sacrifice the things we like to do on vacation because we have an infant. I get the feeling many other families feel the same way.

6 Reasons Why Maui is a Great Family Destination

1. Activities for all ages

In Maui, there really was something for everyone. We were traveling with a 7 month old infant, so it wasn’t possible to do all the adventurous activities together. Instead, we took turns. When Cameron was out zip-lining, I sat on our comfortable patio with a cold beer in hand while Baby B took a nap.

There are plenty of family friendly activities to choose from, such as boat excursions, pool time, the Maui Ocean Center, playtime at the beach and a sunset luau.

2. Comforts of home

Maui is a developed destination that offers all of the comforts we are used to. This is especially important when traveling with an infant. We knew that if we forgot something or needed to pick up diapers or baby food, we could easily go to the store and find the products we needed.

And, most importantly, we could read the ingredients on the baby food (essential when you are still introducing new foods to your little one).

3. Accommodations for all budgets

Maui doesn’t need to be expensive. There are options for all travel budgets, including packages that include air fare, accommodations and car rentals. You just need to do your research.

A great alternative, especially if you have kids, is to find accommodations that include a kitchen. Dining out can break the travel budget quickly, so eating at your hotel/apartment will save you money. It also makes it easier to prepare baby purees or boil water for bottles.

4. Each city has a very different vibe

We stayed at two different locations on the island – Wailea and Kaanapali. We had a rental car during our stay, so we had the opportunity to explore most of the island. West Maui is quite developed, with lots of large hotels, resorts and shopping districts. Whereas the town of Paia on the North Shore is a small, funky town with cute cafes and restaurants. Both options are great, but distinctly different.

Travel tip – pick two different locations and split up your stay. We did and it felt like we had two different vacations!

5. Lots of flight options from the West Coast

One of the reasons we waited to visit Maui (and Hawaii for that matter) was because of its close proximity to Vancouver, Canada. We had the mindset, “we can always visit Hawaii when we have kids”. Well, that day has come!

There are several direct flights from the West Coast, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Bellingham and Seattle (all take approximately 5.5-6 hours). An added bonus is that because there are so many flight options, you’re likely to find a great seat sale or package deal.

6. Hawaiian weather is great all year long

No matter what time of year you decide to visit Maui, you’re likely to catch some great weather. We went in June and experienced perfect temperatures – lows of 20 degrees Celsius (68 F) and highs of 31 degrees (87 F).

Typically, the lowest temperatures are in February, when it can drop to 17 degrees Celsius (63 F) with a high of 26 degrees (80 F). Not too bad for Maui’s coldest month. It sure beats the Pacific Northwest rain!


Have you visited Hawaii? Do you have any travel tips to share?
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