Meet our new baby boy!

Say hello to Baby Connor!

Wow. What an exciting couple of days we’ve just had. Nicole and baby were released early from the hospital because they’re both healthy and the delivery went smoothly. She did so great and is already on the fast track to recovery.

We’re so happy to finally meet the little man. We can’t believe how much he looks like Baby B. The past few days have been a total mind trip. We keep seeing Baby B every time we look at Connor and we keep calling him the wrong name. It will likely be a few more days before reality starts to kick in.

We found a pic of Baby B on Day 2 and compared it with Baby Connor. Look at the similarities! They’re definitely brothers.

These past couple of days have been very different when compared to the birth of Baby B.

First off, we had a scheduled C-Section, so it was very nice to be able to plan the delivery ahead of time. We had Baby B’s grandparents arrive ahead of time, swapped the car seat and filled the fridge with his favourite food – so much easier than playing the guessing game.

It was weird arriving at the hospital and “checking in” for the delivery, it felt more like arriving at a hotel than a hospital.

Secondly, we’re much calmer this time around because we know what to expect (well, more so than last time). When Baby B would cry it was gut wrenching. All we wanted to do was stop his crying and comfort him.

With Baby Connor it’s a totally different reaction. His cries are actually cute. We know he’s just communicating and we know how to read his requests better.

It also helps that Baby Connor has been a dream. He rarely makes a peep and latched onto the boob within an hour of being born. It took Baby B a few days to get a good latch and he struggled to get enough breast milk.

Because it was a scheduled C-Section, I was able to film the final part of the child birth. It did my best to not look over the cloth wall, but how could I not take a peak? I’m not going to lie. It was pretty gruesome. I know it’s supposed to be beautiful, but there was just so much blood and goop and organs that shouldn’t be visible to the eye.

Obviously I’m not going to share that intimate footage, but we did share a short video of Connor on our Facebook page. Click on the image below to see him on Day 2. It also gave me a chance to try the new Facebook embed feature. I think it’s kinda cool, what do you think?

**If you can’t see the image, visit our facebook page to watch the video

Well, there’s your quick update. Baby and mom are happy and healthy. Thanks again for all of your well wishes. We are overwhelmed and very thankful for your support.


Cam, Nicole, Baby B and Baby Connor


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