Our favorite winter gear for kids


“Don’t run for winter, instead embrace it!”

Our favorite winter gear for kids

Finding the right winter gear for kids can be tough! If you are like me, you’re likely looking for something they like, you like, keeps them warm, is reasonably priced, and is durable.

Winter activities have always been a passion for us both and because of our love of winter, we fully intended to have our boys develop a passion for winter activities too. But first, we needed to find the best winter gear for kids.

We want them to come along because they truly enjoy the sport and the winter activities available. To do this, we are getting our boys used to the cold and winter activities at an early age.

Every year as winter approaches, we plan our winter vacations. We want to show our boys that winter activities can be super fun. But, we have learned the importance of planning ahead.

Traveling with little kids in winter is more difficult. There’s more clothes to pack, more items to bring, and more to consider. And most importantly, we have come to realize that the right clothes are critical to making or braking a winter vacation.

Our boys are not shy to tell us when they are cold, and it’s not fun for anyone! But, having the proper gear allows the family to stay outside longer enjoying the snow, and it allows us to build upon the foundation that winter activities are something to look forward too.


We were recently sent some new gear by Columbia. Over the past couple of years, we tried a number of different brands, but I was immediately impressed at the boys’ coats when they arrived.

The main feature I love is the coats are not bulky. Connor (age 2) hated his older coat because it was thick but not very warm. He had a hard time moving in it and it would scratch his face. He has the new Columbia Buga Set (size toddler 2t) and now he’s happy to put it on in the morning.

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The coat features Omni-Heat thermal reflective, which is a breathable material that reflects heat, and when he’s not wearing gloves the warm-lined pockets quickly dry and heat up his little hands.

His snow pants have easy velcro adjustable straps and the fleece on the bib acts as a soft and cozy fleece vest adding additional warmth. The pants also have a reinforced seat and knees stand up to abuse, and the hood fits him just right.


Braydon got a Boys’ Evo Fly Jacket, size XXS, and at age 4 it will fit him next season too. Braydon’s coat also features the Omni-Heat thermal reflective and 100% polyester Omni-Heat Reflective Microtex Light lining.

It’s really soft inside and since it’s very warm, on most winter days a long sleeve shirt and the coat is enough to keep him cozy. On the hill, we add a base layer and a ski sweater under the coat.


A new feature to me is both coats feature Columbia’s OUTGROWN Grow System. This allows us to extend the life of our coats so that it lasts through multiple seasons, regardless of growth spurts.

Located on the pant legs and jacket sleeves, is an extra bit of fabric that is held back by a contrasting thread. I just simply fold the sleeve or pant leg inside out, snip this thread and pull to extend the length of the sleeve or pant leg by 1.5 inches. So awesome!

I love the colours of their coats. When we were on the mountain, I could spot them easily. But I also don’t find the colours too strong, so the boys wear their coats every day.

I really like the price point and the coats can be worn multiple seasons even for growing kids. I got a size bigger for both boys and the the coats are not overly big, so they aren’t swimming in them even though they are a larger size.


When we recently tested the Columbia winter gear for kids on the mountain the boys liked it, and although the pictures don’t look like it, it was cold! Neither complained about being cold which was a first!

You can shop Kid’s Apparel at Columbia.com here.

I highly recommend these coats for anyone with little kids.


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