Our first trip with Baby Connor


A few tips learned from our first trip with two boys

Traveling with a baby is not new to us; we’ve been fortunate to have traveled quite a bit with our first son Braydon. But after our first trip as a family of four, we’ve realized that traveling with two is a whole different ball-game.

For our first trip, we packed up the car and drove to one of our favorite places – Whistler, British Columbia. Since it was a road trip we were able to bring more than we normally would when flights are required – ie. toys, a bouncy seat for the baby and travel beds for the boys. Packing was very easy because we didn’t need to be selective, we just threw everything in the trunk and didn’t give it much thought.

It was a fun mini-vacation. We went swimming in the hotel’s outdoor pool (it’s heated, which is nice, but it’s bloody cold when you get out!), we played in the games room and enjoyed some downtime together – it was well needed after getting through the first 5 weeks after Baby Connor was born.


It also snowed, which was a huge bonus! Watching our toddler play in the snow for the first time is a memory we will cherish.

At 6 weeks old, Baby Connor was a dream. He slept, he ate, he enjoyed lying by the warmth of the fire. We learned a few things from this recent trip that we didn’t need to consider with just one baby.

Tip #1: Get a one-bedroom suite – minimum.

Baby Connor is easy, he will sleep anywhere. But, his late night feedings and his ability to wake his older brother throughout the night meant we needed to have a wall separating the boys . At least until Baby Connor can sleep throughout the night.

This allowed everyone to get a good night sleep, which is an essential ingredient for any vacation.


Tip #2: For the first trip, go to a familiar destination.

We’ve been to Whistler many times before and we’ve stayed at the hotel before. We what to expect, so we were able to plan accordingly. Traveling with two little ones is not an easy task, so it was nice to know the lay of the land ahead of time.

Image1Braydon approving Baby Connor’s travel bed

Tip #3: If you can, invite family.

We invited our parents to come along and had them stay in a neighboring room. Not only was this fun for Braydon, there presence allowed us the opportunity to enjoy an evening hot tub and a quiet brunch without the kiddies. Hey, we need some alone time once in a while too!



Do you have any tips to add?

Do you have a favorite family friendly destination?


4 Responses to “Our first trip with Baby Connor”

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  • As parents to just one, I can’t imagine the challenge of traveling with two. If we ever had a second child we wouldn’t have to deal with some of these same challenges because our son is 7. Good to hear he’s sleeping well at 6 weeks.

    • Thanks Lance. Yes, it would be easier if Braydon was older but we hope that since they are close in age, it will benefit us in the future. We do look forward to traveling too when they get a little older.

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