Our First Trip With Baby B To Palm Springs, California

Our First Trip With Baby B To Palm Springs, California

Having been to over 50 countries together as a couple, we’ve never been apprehensive to travel to a new place. But, now that Baby B is here, it would be a lie to say that we weren’t nervous about our first family trip.

There were a number of reasons why we chose Palm Springs as our first destination.

1) Family
We had family renting an apartment there for the winter. This meant that not only did we have a place to stay, but we also had family to help out with Baby B.

2) Short Flight
It’s only a short 3 hour flight from Vancouver to Palm Springs. It was the perfect test for Baby B before we take him on a long-haul flight to Maui next month and Europe this summer. (Check out our 5 tips for flying with an infant)

3) Comfort 
It was a place we knew there would be no surprises. It was our 3rd visit to California but first time visiting Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. We didn’t have much planned for this trip, aside from relaxing by the pool in the hot desert sun.

4) Perfect Time Of Year
It was early February, so the weather in Palm Springs was perfect for an infant. Not too hot, but warm enough to enjoy the pool.

It was a lot of firsts for Baby B – first flight, first time in the pool, first time in warm weather, and of course his first trip.

 Baby B’s first time in the pool

Fast asleep in his Ergo Baby Carrier as we headed up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Hanging out on the grass by the pool, enjoying the warm weather

Checkin out Daddy’s beer. We love beer and always try new brews on our travels

This trip was very much about vacation downtime and very little about adventure and exploration. It was a well needed rest!

Where was your first family trip?


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  • Palm Springs is SO fun with kids! I hope you will be able to take your family soon!

  • I saw your guys’ story in my baby sleep site newsletter and found myself reading your story with Baby B while my five-month-old naps. We have traveled a lot in her short life and it is great to read about people who travel with a baby and go through the same struggles we have with sleep! My husband is in the marines and Augustina and I made our first trip flying to Indiana when she was two months old. Two weeks ago we moved from Virgjbia to Oklahoma which was a drive of 24 hours spread out over three days! Thanks to all the tips I learned from the baby sleep site (and some travel tips on this site) we made the drive with almost no disruption to her sleep. Next week we are flying to New York for my sister’s graduation and a campIng trip and then we will be traveling to South Korea later this year. We love to travel and everything is twice the adventure with a baby! Thanks so much for the travel tips!

    • Cam and Nicole

      Hi Beth, Wow! Congrats on your travels with your little girl. It sounds like she’s been able to see a lot already. I love hearing stories of traveling with a little one. When I was pregnant, everyone assumed we would stop traveling. I can’t imagine not doing what we love. I know Baby B will learn to love to travel as long as we make it enjoyable for him.

      South Korea will be amazing! Send us an email about how it went…we would love to hear.

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  • Congratulations getting out to see the world with little ones! It makes traveling all the more enjoyable.

  • Love the photos – he’s a darling little guy! It takes a little bit of time to get your footing with a new baby and figure out just how you can travel with them – you’re right to take it a bit slow at first. My older daughter will be 16 this year so our first trip is a distant memory but it was a long car trip at 6 weeks of age to visit family for Christmas. Our first vacation was to Florida at about 4 months of age – short flight from Toronto, rented a condo near grandparents, it was February so the weather was pleasant and we just took it easy for a couple of weeks – very similar to your first trip. Maui and Europe should be amazing – I wish that I had been brave enough to go that far when mine were that young!

    • Cam and Nicole

      Thanks Lisa! That sounds like a great trip and the perfect distance from Toronto. 16 wow! I imagine it went by fast since I can’t believe how quickly time is flying with Baby B.

  • What a precious little guy! Looks like traveling with him worked out perfectly!!

    Thanks for linking up! Hope you do again!

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