Picking the right shoes to pack


Don’t forget about the shoes!

We recently traveled to the Mayan Riviera with Baby B. He was 14 months old and was still learning to walk. He still had not figured out his steps and his balance was a little shaky.

Before leaving, I thought I had packed everything but I missed one important part. In Mexico, the all inclusive resorts are full of tile – and it’s everywhere! This meant that if it got a little wet or Baby B had the wrong shoes on, it got very, very slippery.

Baby Travel Tip: Bring 3 pairs of shoes. We suggest a pair of Croc sandals, runners, and another pair of sandals which have a non-slippery sole. Everyone will have a much more enjoyable trip if the little one isn’t bumping his head on the tile (like Baby B did!).

We underestimated how many shoes to bring with us. We brought his Puma runners and a pair of sandals. His Puma runners were perfect for getting around the resort, but at the beach and pool they didn’t work very well. And the sandals we brought didn’t have a non-slippery sole so they were useless. I didn’t want Baby B running around with bare feet either, so he basically ended up in his runners for most of the trip (not ideal in 25 degree weather).

Here are our suggestions for shoes:


Have you visited Mexico with a baby? What tip would you share?
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  • And don’t forget rain boots for the rain forest climates! 🙂

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