Gear Review: The Piggyback Rider

Piggyback Rider

Gear Review: The Piggyback Rider

Surrounding ourselves with nature has always been an important part of our lives, but mountain hikes and long walks can be a bit too much for Baby B. He’s too big for his baby carrier but too small to walk long distances on his own. He wants to be picked up and carried, but he’s become quite heavy and it’s not long before my back starts to ache and I need to put him down again.

We often turn to our trusty stroller for easy walks and tackling daily errands, but when we want to get outdoors and connect with nature we need something less clunky and awkward. That, and the fact that wheels don’t typically work well in the forest.

Enter the Piggyback Rider.

We were recently asked to review an interesting product that appears to be the solution to our problem. You can read our full product review on the Flight Network travel blog.

The Piggyback Rider replaces traditional carriers and strollers, offering a fun alternative that won’t break your back. It has similarities to a standard backpack but it’s designed to carry (or “piggyback”) toddlers aged 2.5 years and up.

It’s an innovative “backpack” that allows your toddler to stand upright on a tempered aluminum bar, distributing your child’s weight at your core. It makes it easy to transport your toddler without putting too much pressure on your lower back and shoulders.

Baby B was intrigued when we tested the Piggyback Rider on a nearby forest trail. We quickly understood why the company set an age restriction. At 2 years old, he’s a little younger than the recommended age of 2.5 years old.

He couldn’t quite understand how to climb on the carrier and had trouble getting comfortable. But he eventually figured it out and had fun once we got going.

To find out what we like and dislike about this product, read our original review here – The Piggyback Rider Gear Review.

Overall, we think the Piggyback Rider is a quality product and can see it getting some solid use next spring when he’s a little older. It’s a fun alternative to traditional carriers and he seemed to enjoy the ride.

We give it two thumbs up.

To learn more about the Piggyback Rider visit

Disclosure – we were provided one complimentary Piggyback Rider. We were not asked to write a favourable review and all expressed opinions are entirely our own.

2 Responses to “Gear Review: The Piggyback Rider”

  • What an interesting product. Did your child’s legs get tired? That’s the only reason we end up giving him piggy back rides. We are going to Cambodia. This would be so much easier to carry and pack then our hiking carrier. Our oldest is 3 1/2.

  • This is awesome. I wish my 7-year-old could go on this. My back is still hurting from having him on my shoulders during our recent visit to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

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