Product Review: The Onya Baby Carrier


Product Review: Onya Baby Carrier

Baby B loves being in a carrier. Maybe it’s our stroller he doesn’t like, but ever since he was a baby he was only content for a short time in his stroller before wanting to be moved into the carrier.

No matter where we went, we brought his baby carrier with us.

We heard about the Onya Baby Carrier and were excited to review the product. When  in Paris we had a hard time dining out because only a handful of restaurants offered high chairs.

Baby B wasn’t familiar with eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in his stroller and since we had a lightweight travel stroller, it wasn’t tall enough to fit at the table (especially in the small cafes of Paris). He wasn’t comfortable, so it made for short dining experiences.

In hindsight, if we had the Onya Baby Carrier, we would have been able to sit Baby B at the table with us like normal. And now that he’s getting older, he loves being able to sit on a big boy chair.

Since Baby B was born, we’ve always been a fan of ergonomic baby carriers. With the risk of hip dysplasia, we prefer to know that even when Baby B is in a carrier, he’s not being put at risk.

The Onya Baby Carrier is ergonomic and well made. The stitching is extremely well done and after carefully examining the Onya Baby, we didn’t find any defects or poor craftsmanship.


Things I like about the Onya Baby Cruiser

  • 100% cotton & machine washable: I love the soft structure of this carrier. It’s supportive yet extremely soft which makes it very comfortable for both Baby and mommy or daddy. I have the Dove/Chocolate Chip colour (which I like), but the dove colour is very light, so I like that it’s machine washable because accidents will inevitably happen.
  • Integrated chair harness with safety strap: The most unique feature of the Onya Baby is the infant travel chair which fits perfectly in the front koala pouch. It’s a useful feature when traveling or bouncing  around the city. The carrier fits easily around almost any chair and is quite useful when high chair is available. And because it’s a part of the actual carrier, there’s no extra packing or things to remember.
  • High neck support: I love the high back on the Onya Baby. I can tell that Baby B really likes it too. He’s fallen asleep a couple times already and it really helps to support his neck. Plus, when I put the sleeping hood over top his head and it creates an ideal sleeping environment.
  • Double-entry, side-zippered koala pouch and patch pocket: In a different pocket from where the chair harness is located, the koala pouch has an entry on each side. It makes it easy to store things and also makes them easily accessible. Even with the chair harness in a separate pouch, I found there is plenty of space to store small items (like a wallet, phone etc) without it being too bulky.
  • Leg padding for baby: On the sides of the carrier there is extra padding for his legs so I don’t have to worry about any rubbing, regardless if he’s in shorts or pants.
  • Straps are easy adjust: I love the fabric that the straps are made of. They move at the slightest touch and are silky soft. I’ve found it very easy to adjust when Baby B is already comfortably in place. Great for breastfeeding on the go.

Things I don’t like about the Onya Baby Cruiser

  • Waist belt is not very long: I have big hips so I’ve found the waist belt to be a little short. It fits me fine but there’s really not much more slack for Cam. I’m unsure if it would be able to fit people with larger waists.
  • More padding on the shoulders: I wish the shoulder straps were a little thicker in padding.


The price is $149.00 for the carrier and you can purchase it online  or find a local store close to you.


Disclosure – we were provided one complimentary Onya Baby Carrier. We were not asked to write a favourable review and all opinions expressed are entirely our own.

7 Responses to “Product Review: The Onya Baby Carrier”

  • I am fond of travelling. bookmarked this article because soon I need all the above things.

  • Solid review. Doing research for an article about ergonomic baby carriers and this one looks like it may make the list.

  • This looks amazing! We’re hoping to have a family in the very near future and I’ve thought a lot about how to travel in comfort! Babywearing seems a great solution and I love that this carrier doubles as a seat. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hello Nicole,

    This is a great useful blog! Thanks for all the info.

    I have also got the Onya baby Cruiser. Although I find my son to be a little heaving for it (20 lbs), i like the fact it could be worn in the front, in the back and especially the fact that it’s ergonomic for him and I.

    My question to you: have you ever used it in a restaurant? Our son is fairly small for his age. If I just strap him in the Onya carrier on a chair, he isn’t high enough to reach the table. He’s 21 months now, hence eating on his own. Do you use something to boost in height?

    Thank for your help! 🙂

    Have a great day!

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