Where’s Baby B: Santa Monica, California


Cruising the boardwalk in Santa Monica, California

Since Baby B is about to become a big brother, we decided to take one final vacation as a family of three. It was a chance for us to give our undivided attention to B since soon we will have our hands full with an infant.

After some research on Aeroplan’s website (we used Miles for our flights) we narrowed our search to Santa Monica, California. It had the infamous pier to keep B entertained and had a great beach for him to run, play and build sandcastles.  It was a short flight which worked well for me being 30 weeks pregnant and it was great for an active toddler.

It was the perfect choice for a week getaway.

We didn’t do a lot on our trip but eat at great restaurants (M Street Kitchen has an amazing breakfast!), stroll the beach, visit neighboring beaches like Venice Beach, chill out at the pier, and hang at the pool at our hotel.

Since Baby B prefers to nap in his crib, we would go out for breakfast the come back to the hotel for a nap, then head out again for dinner. The location was great for a toddler since it offered endless opportunities to run but make you bring lots of sunscreen. There is very little shade for the exception of the odd palm tree.

Lifeguard booth, Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica Pier, California

7 months pregnant on the Santa Monica pier

Santa Monica Pier, California

Santa Monica Beach, California

Relaxing under the shade of a few random palm trees

Santa Monica Beach, California

Baby B hugging the soft, silky sand

Santa Monica, California


Have you visited Santa Monica? What was your favourite activity?
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