Part 1: Why We Need To Sleep Train Our 4 Month Old Infant

Part 1: Why we need to sleep train our 4 month old infant


Baby B was a good sleeper in the beginning. He did what most newborns do, wake every 3 hours to feed and the rest of the time he slept. Even in the hospital when he was born our room was quiet while we listened to our neighbours little one scream for hours. Our only issue was he preferred to sleep on our chest or in our arms and I co-slept. It worked for him and it worked for us. Everyone was happy and getting sleep.

We thought we must be the lucky ones!

When Baby B was 2 months old we took him on his first trip to Palm Springs. At 2 months, he was still sleeping great. He went to bed at 9:30pm, woke to feed at 2:30am, and woke in the morning at 8:30am. The trip didn’t seem to affect him and we all were sleeping well.

At 4 months old everything changed!

He started waking up every hour during the night! He was impossible to get down for naps and seemed to be exhausted all day long. He needed to be fed or bounced to sleep and I worried I was developing a sleep association. I didn’t know what to do and our good sleeping baby was no more.

I started to get very worried. How were we going to travel if sleeping was such an issue?

I was on the computer for hours researching about infant sleep when I found The Baby Sleep Site. I was instantly impressed with all the reviews. I signed up to get its newsletter and downloaded many of its free e-books. I started on all the tips that were recommend like having a consistent nap and bedtime routine. This is also where I learned about the 4 month sleep regression. It was like they were writing about our son!

After 2 weeks, I realized I needed a bit more help. Baby B was taking to the recommendations but I still didn’t have a formal plan and felt it was necessary to get him on a consistent schedule, especially for our upcoming trips. After contacting The Baby Sleep Site we decided that the best option would be their Deluxe Email Consultation Package which included a Personalized Sleep Plan tailored to Baby B. It was the formal plan that I needed!

We are currently working with Baby B on his Personalized Sleep Plan. Check out Part 2: Sleep training our 4 month infant.


Note: We have partnered with The Baby Sleep Site but the opinions expressed are entirely our own. I’ve done my best to share our experience however results may vary for every family.

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