The Countdown is on!

Less than 2 weeks until we meet our baby boy!

It seems like a lifetime ago that the most epic journey of our lives began – the birth of our sweet Baby B. I can’t believe that it’s been less than 2 years, but we find it difficult to remember what life was like before he entered our lives.

Now, in less than 2 weeks, our journey continues with the birth of our second baby boy. Even as I write the words, it’s hard to comprehend.

We’ve enjoyed the final weeks of summer here in Vancouver, opting to stay close to home and put our travels on hold. We had a fun trip to California last month (read about it here), which was our final trip together as a family of three.

I just finished my last day of work, the nursery walls have been painted, the wooden crib has been assembled and Baby B’s old clothes have been retrieved from storage. I’ve really enjoyed going through the storage boxes with Baby B’s baby clothes and toys. It brings back such great memories and makes us excited for the weeks to come.

It’s hard to believe that he was ever that small!

We plan to stay close to home for the remainder of the year as we settle into life as a family of four. But we do have a trip to Whistler planned for the middle of November, about six weeks after the baby is born.

We did the same thing with Baby B when he was just over a month old (see picture above), so I guess it’s become a tradition.


Because there’s a lot of uncertainty over the coming weeks, the best way to stay connected is to check our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – we will certainly post photos when the new baby is born.

Wish us luck!

Nicole, Cam, Baby B and future baby

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  • Good luck! You guys will do great. We also took our son on a road trip when he was six weeks old. There were challenges, but I think if we had a second child that same road trip might be easier just because we’ve done it before.

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