Baby Gear: 6 Things We Always Travel With

Baby Travel Gear: 6 things we always travel with

How many times have you found yourself packing for a trip and stressing about what to bring? Did I pack my bathing suit? Do I have enough shirts? Should I bring my running shoes?

Well, it doesn’t get any easier when you’ve got to pack for yourself and your little one. How many diapers do I bring? Should I bring baby food or purchase at the destination? Decisions, decisions, decisions!

We’re going to assume that you’ve already got baby clothing and basic travel items in your suitcase, so we want to share some lesser known items that we always travel with.

1. Baby carrier

Without question, our Ergo Baby Original Carrier is our favourite and most important baby travel item – we rarely leave home without it! Not only does it make it much easier to carry Baby B, he loves being it.

Unlike his stroller, he’s very content to stay in the carrier for hours at a time – many times it actually puts him to sleep. It’s easy to pack, it rolls up and takes up little space in the suitcase, and it’s lightweight.

2. Liquid dish soap

We spend many hours away from the hotel, which means that most of Baby B’s meals are prepared on the go. When we leave the hotel in the morning we pack a couple handy plastic containers and baby friendly spoons. Along with these food items, most all of Baby B’s toys end up on the dirty floor (which later end up in his mouth). It’s hard enough to keep his toys clean at home!

Unless you have a hotel room with a full kitchen, most hotels do not provide dish soap in a standard room. Because of this, we always bring a small bottle of dish soap. It allows us to wash his bowls, spoons and toys directly in our hotel room.

3. Portable bath tub chair

Even when we travel we try to keep Baby B’s nightly routine. This involves a bath every night before story time. Now, if you’ve ever tried holding a baby in the bath you’ll know that it’s not an easy task, so we use a baby bath tub chair. It’s an awkward travel item but it’s lightweight and fits easily in our suitcase – it actually helps protect liquid / breakable items. Most importantly, Baby B loves his chair, which means he takes longer baths and stays calm before bedtime (critical when you’re sharing a room with baby).

Note – don’t forget to bring your favorite baby shampoo. We like traveling with Johnson’s hair and body wash because we only need to pack one bottle.

4. White noise installed on our iPad / media device

At home, we use an electric fan to create white noise, which helps drown out other sounds that may wake him throughout the night. When we travel, we use our iPad to play downloaded white noises (sounds of rain, waves crashing on the beach, etc). We place the iPad directly under the crib so the white noise surrounds him. The sounds of crashing waves on the beach is not only soothing, it allows us to talk and walk around the room without disturbing him.

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5. Comfortable Pillow

When we say “comfortable pillow” we mean a regular sized pillow, not one of those useless small travel pillows. I know, pillows are clunky and take up a lot of room, but you’ll be thankful you have one.

If you’ve read our baby sleep training posts, you’ll know that our little Baby B isn’t the best sleeper. While traveling around Europe this summer with Rail Europe, we spent many hours on moving trains – not the most ideal sleeping conditions for a baby.

But as you can see in the photo above, having a big pillow was so worth it!

Please note: the PeaPod seen in the picture above has been recalled. To obtain the new repair kit that includes a thinner replacement air mattress and braces that will strengthen the sides go HERE. It is also recommended that infants less than 1 years old NOT use a PeaPod tents.

6. Baby Travel Bed

We make it a point to always contact the hotel ahead of time to request a baby crib. It’s no secret that babies sleep much better in a crib, making for a much more enjoyable vacation. But there have been times when hotels do not have a crib or the cribs are not available because other guests are using them. Because of this, we always come prepared with a travel bed. They are light weight, packs down well and fits into our suitcase.

Added bonus – the Baby Peapod Tent makes for a great outdoor playpen because it shields Baby B from the sun.


What things do you always travel with?
Share your tips and tricks in the comments section below, we’re always on the lookout for baby travel tips!


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