5 Tips For Traveling While Pregnant

A new trend in travel are babymoons. Its basically a relaxing vacation before the new arrival. When we got the opportunity to take a month off to travel to Belize, Guatemala and Mexico, we were quick to book our tickets. I was 5 months pregnant and knew this would be the last opportunity for travel until Baby B was ready.

Since I was 5 months pregnant and it was my first pregnancy, I needed to be extra diligent with our travel planning.

Things I needed to consider were:

1) Travel Insurance – I made sure that when I spoke to get quotes on insurance that they knew I was pregnant. I also made sure that the travel insurance company was aware I had surgery on my stomach less than a year ago. I did need to buy extra insurance to be fully covered on the pre-existing condition but it meant I was covered. Its really important to be very honest and disclose everything to ensure you are fully covered. Learn more about travel insurance here.

2) Consider Your Modes of Transport – This is the time when spending a little more money on transportation is a good idea. If you can, try not be to stuck in a cramped space for long periods of time. Pregnancy can cause circulation problems, so when flying there is a greater risk of getting blood clot. When traveling by plane, try to get the isle seat so you can get up and walk around every hour, wear loose clothing, and drink plenty of bottled water. If you need to take a long bus, when it stops to pick up other passengers, get off and do a couple laps around the bus to stretch your legs.

When we were in Belize we had a 7 hour bus ride from San Ignasio to Placencia. Instead, we payed $80 for a 3 hour private taxi ride which gave us the freedom to stop along the way.

3) Food and Water – Its important to eat and drink food and water that is safe. Most doctors recommend bottled water when pregnant. When overseas, I always drink bottled water even when I’m not pregnant. When you buy bottled water, always ensure that the cap seal has not been broken. We’ve heard of stories where people will try to sell water that is not filtered in a reused water bottle.

Before we went to Belize, I was reading various conflicting reports about fruit when pregnant. I indulged in many fresh fruit shakes. I just made sure they used bottled water and we tried to eat at a reputable restaurant.

4) First, Second or Third Trimester – I traveled in my second trimester which is when most doctors recommend traveling. However, it is possible to travel at anytime. Most airlines will let you travel up to 37 weeks (but you need to check since each airline has different policies). Before any travel, you should have a checkup with your doctor.

5) Picking the Right Destination & Vaccinations – Since many overseas destinations require specific vaccinations (malaria, tetanus, etc) before entry, if you are pregnant you may not be able to get vaccinated. Therefore, you should be cautious before booking any overseas travel when pregnant. Try to pick a place which has good healthcare, in case of an emergency, and someplace you can sit back and relax with little worry.

Snorkeling Trip

Traveling when pregnant is the prefect opportunity for you and your partner to spend some quality, relaxing time together before the little ones arrival. Be sure to check with your doctor before you go to ensure you are cleared to fly. If you are worried about going to far from home, stay close and take a road trip instead. Wherever your trip takes you, enjoy it and relax.

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