How To Sleep In The Same Room With An Infant While Traveling

How To Sleep In The Same Room With An Infant While Traveling

Traveling as a family is very new to us. As we go on each trip with Baby B we encounter new obstacles which we didn’t consider before leaving.

We were recently invited by the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort to come for the Victoria Day long weekend and check out their newly remodeled rooms. It’s a great hotel for kids because they offer lots of fun activities. Even at check-in they provided us with an activity booklet, appropriately titled ‘we love kids’. They provided us with a playpen for Baby B to sleep and even had a stroller to borrow if we needed it. But when we got to the room what we didn’t consider, was that for the first time since Baby B was an infant, we would be sleeping in the same room.

Baby B goes to bed at 7pm. At home, he goes in his room, we turn on the fan to create white noise, and close the door. It leaves us to do what we want since the fan drowns the house noise.

What were we going to do when Baby B went to sleep at 7pm and we couldn’t make any noise?

TV wasn’t an option because it was still too loud and it illuminated the room. So, we worked on our computers while enjoying a cold craft beer from the popular brewery close by. But as we walked around the room, whispered and made slight sounds, Baby B would stir. We needed white noise like we use at home.

In the room they provided a docking station for an iphone or ipod, which would have been perfect had I remembered our ipod with downloaded white noise. But thankfully, I did have my ipad which also had white noise downloaded on itunes. It worked perfect! The sound of the waves crashing on the beach was truly relaxing and we were able to get around the room without disturbing Baby B.

The Delta Victoria had an IHOME docking station but I suspect this isn’t standard for most hotels. If you travel with an infant who wakes easily at the sound of noise, we suggest you download white noise.

Your options are:
1)    Download white noise to your computer, ipad, iphone or smart phone so you can play it while traveling
2)    Download white noise to an ipod and buy a small speaker system to bring along on your travels

What is white noise?

It’s soft soothing sounds which help most babies sleep because it drowns out other noise and it’s similar to womb sounds. It can be waves crashing, the sound of rain, the sound of a fan, or sometimes a consistent low hum.


Do you use white noise to help your infant sleep?




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  • Nancy

    great details. thanks for sharing this

  • I am a veteran of Nicole’s sleep training advice from The Baby Sleep Site, too 🙂 I have a 3 year old who is an extremely light sleeper and depends on white noise, but now I ALSO have a newborn doesn’t sleep through the night :s We have had the boys share a room while at our family cottage, and found my oldest sleeps through the baby’s stirrings much better than I do! But in October, we will be travelling to The Bahamas as a family of 4 for our wedding. We have booked a suite with a separate living area so that we can be in that part after the kids are (hopefully!) asleep, but here are my questions: what will they sleep in? Do most hotels have cots for children? I know they have cribs, but they are saying they cannot garauntee us one until check-in – what good is that?? I need to know if I need to bring a playpen for the baby to sleep in before I leave, not at check-in! Any tips for securing such things? Do you find most hotels have sufficiently dark window coverings? I’m very stressed about their (and my!) sleep while we’re there, but also about how distubed it will be getting there! Our flight leaves at 6:20am and we’re 1.5hrs from the airport. I envision 2 screaming children on the plane, who are so thrown off their schedules by being woken in the night to get there that our whole vacation is ruined 🙁

    • Thanks for stopping by. To answer your questions:
      We have a travel bed which we bring for those ‘in case’ they don’t have a bed to give us. Baby B sleeps best in a crib or playpen but we don’t lug one around. Instead we bring his peapod in case they are out of beds. It’s not the best, but at least he has a place to sleep.

      So far, the hotel has always had a bed. We do always request it ahead of time.

      So far, the hotel coverings on the windows have been good. But, if there not, we bring clips. We ask for an extra sheet (from the hotel) and we hang it on the window. It works to give that extra darkness for Baby B.

      We have flown early and had to wake Baby B. It’s been fine each time and in fact because he was sleepy, the hum of the plane put him to sleep once we were in the air. Hopefully, your little ones will do the same.

  • We dont travel with babies, but we do live in a Motorhome with four of our five boys! At first we used to be really quiet around our boys when they were asleep. But now they are used to us – getting the dishes done and the chores done before bed. I like the idea of “White Noise” as I am not good with travelling/sleeping in new places! I reckon its a great way to settle for the night.

  • I am not a mum yet but I had to read this post (clicked through from Traveling Canucks)… I actually use white noise to sleep myself. I find that sometimes I am a little tense about where I am sleeping ie. the room is terrible, or there is heaps of noise outside the really thin walled hostel… etc… so I play white noise on my iPhone to go to sleep. Works wonders. I am so used to my playlist that I pass out by the end of the second tune, so my husband tells me anyhow.

    Great post. Will have to go back to this website if and when we have babies 🙂

  • We always use white noise when we travel. We even have a small travel sound machine. I haven’t been able to sleep without one since I was 13 so it started out being more for me than my kids but now it is the easiest way to share a hotel room for sure. Thanks for linking up today!

  • I am a veteran of the bathroom waiting game as well. It gets even more interesting when Baby #2 comes along, but with some creativity and adaptability, like your white noise, it all works out.

  • My husband and I also spent a lot of time sitting in hotel bathrooms waiting for a baby to fall asleep. Thankfully those days are far behind us but white noise sounds like a great solution!

  • Great tips – many parents find white noise really effective in helping their baby sleep. I co-slept with my kids for the first year so sharing a room and bed is all too familiar. Even so we often find the one hotel room a bit of dilemma. At home, although we co-sleep, there is that period between 7 and 11 where my bubs will usually nap in the bedroom on their own and I can potter around. You definitely don’t have this luxury when you’re all in the same room!

    • Thanks Lisa. We co-slept in the beginning too but it got to the point where we would wake each other up. So, it was time for Baby B to go in his own bed.

      Great to hear it works well for you. I think it’s great!

  • These are great tips! I can’t count the number of hotel bathrooms and hallways that I have sat in while waiting for a baby to fall asleep. it sounds like you found a great solution!

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