When do you need to buy a separate seat for your toddler?

Please note: This car seat is backwards. We were not allowed by the airline to have it rear-facing on this flight (although we tried!)

The flight from hell. Yup, we’re THOSE people

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It finally happened. Remember when we told you that Baby B was great on airplanes? That he barely made a fuss on a 10 hour flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt last summer (pictured above)? That he was a pleasure to fly with on the first 10 flights of his young life?

This was before he learned to walk and demanded his own space. We learned this lesson the hard way on our flight from Vancouver to Toronto last month.

The primary purpose of visiting Toronto was to attend TBEX 2013 (Travel Blog Exchange), the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers and industry professionals. And yes, we even bring our baby boy to travel conferences – it’s one of the ways we balance work, travel and family.

Normally when we book flights we select a window and an aisle seat. When we arrive at the airport, we inform the airline agent that we are traveling with an infant and they typically try their best to block off the middle seat, provided the flight is not full.

This trick has worked many times in the past, meaning we’ve often had an empty seat for Baby B. That is, until we decided to take one of the most popular flights in Canada – Vancouver to Toronto.

Needless to say, we didn’t get the middle seat blocked off for us. In fact, the airline had changed planes and reassigned seating. They made the assumption that we were traveling together (a fair assumption) and assigned us a middle and window seat. Not a good idea with a restless toddler.

When do you need to buy a separate seat for your toddler?

That’s the question we struggled with. Apparently we waited one flight too long… [..continue reading..]


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  • Thanks so much Cam and Nicole for sharing this post. My sister will be happy knowing your tips, since she and her hubby with their 9-month old baby are planning to fly to London this Christmas for holiday escape. You just shared a useful post.

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