Where’s Baby B: Ferry to Nanaimo, BC

Baby B on his very first trip – Ferry to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, British Columbia


Our very first family trip was when Baby B was only 3 weeks old. We boarded the BC Ferries for the hour and a half ride to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. We were on our way to a baby shower organized by Oma and Opa.

Everyone on the island was extremely excited to meet the new arrival and shower him with gifts. Baby B was a natural! He enjoyed the excitement of the weekend and slept while traveling to and from the island.

Did you have a baby shower before or after the baby was born?


4 Responses to “Where’s Baby B: Ferry to Nanaimo, BC”

  • Such a sweet picture! Ferries are a wonderful way to travel with babies – all that gentle rocking of the waves and they may sleep for the entire trip.

    • Cam and Nicole

      Yes, we frequent the BC ferries often since my parents live on the island. It is a great way to travel because your not stuck in a chair. You can walk around and go outside. It’s perfect for kids.

  • Congratulations on a whole new traveling life together!

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