Where’s Baby B: Strasbourg, France

Where’s Baby B now? Cruising around Strasbourg, France


Baby B has been very busy this summer, traveling around Europe with his Rail Europe train pass. Even though we didn’t get the official passport stamps, he can now say that he has visited Germany, France, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. He’s become quite the globe trotter!

Here are a few photos from our trip to Strasbourg, France. In case it isn’t obvious, Daddy is the cameraman. Hence the reason there are limited Daddy and Baby B photos.

Strolling around Le Petit France

Searching for a restaurant for lunch near Le Petit France

Dining in front of the stunning Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg

 Colourful architecture and gingerbread houses in Old Town Strasbourg

Have you visited Strasbourg? What did you think?
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2 Responses to “Where’s Baby B: Strasbourg, France”

  • Lovely photos! Baby B’s got it made with his barefoot traveling style. I remember traveling with my son and regularly having to backtrack blocks to find a shoe he’d kicked off out of the stroller. Great times, even if I missed a few sights because my eyes were always on his feet:P

    • HAHA, it’s exactly why he’s barefoot. Can’t keep a shoe or socks on this child. I’m not entirely sure what we are going to do this winter and it’s fast approaching.

      I’m hoping that when he starts walking (any day now) he will have no choice but to keep his shoes on 🙂

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