Where’s Baby B: Windsor, Ontario

Where’s Baby B: Windsor, Ontario


Over the years, I’ve heard many stories about the place where Cameron grew up. I knew it was across the river from Detroit and I knew that Cameron had very found memories from growing up there. We knew we would go back to visit one day, we just weren’t sure when.

This impromtue trip wasn’t planned, but instead a trip under unfortunate circumstances. A family member passed away so family from around the country headed home to Windsor, Ontario. Although it was a sad occasion, it was heart warming to see all the extended family and have them meet Baby B for the first time. It was also very special to show Baby B daddy’s hometown. Although Baby B won’t remember it, he will have pictures as an infant in Windsor just like his daddy.

This picture was taken in Windsor but the backdrop you see is Detroit. It was interesting to have a major international city so close with a border being the river between Canada and the US.


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4 Responses to “Where’s Baby B: Windsor, Ontario”

  • merci pour ce beau témoignage !tout me parle…« Je sais aussi que ma vie n’est pas rien, qu’elle peut avoir du sens et que ce n’est pas que les autres qui vont lui en donner, mais moi aussi et surtout. »c’est terrible et percutant ce &las&o; surtoutunbqp;» à la fin.

  • That’s a nice pics; two cities in one pics. Home sweet home. No place like home.

    • ha&3Aai#82y0;ROTIKaYA mmg dah kena sue sbb fitnah retiss kann…tp diorang mana la takot kena byr saman…dosa fitnah pon dorg tak takot, ni kan pulak takot bayar saman…Walaupon BN ni kadang2 lambat update dr rotikaya, tp aku lebih suka baca BN sbb dia update after dah tau cerita sebenar, bukan maen update benda tak pasti cm rotikaya…tajuk entry rotikaya mesti ada ‘tanda tanya ?’ kat blakang. trademark memfitnah. ptuihh lagi sekaliWell-loved.

  • It’s always nice to explore family roots when kids come along. They’ll appreciate it later.

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