Why do we travel with our toddler?


Reflections from Santa Monica, California

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Last week, we shared the motivation for planning our trip to Los Angeles versus another destination. As we continue to adapt to life with a toddler, our travel expectations have changed considerably.

We can’t imagine doing some of the things we used to, let alone staying up past 10:00 PM. It sounds pretty lame as I type the words, but it really isn’t. We’re very happy right now. Dare I say “comfortable and content”.

So why do we endure the headaches and frustrations that come with baby travel? Why do we spend money and subject ourselves to dreadful flights and unpredictable sleep schedules, all in the name of travel?

Because it’s worth it.


It’s not about crossing items off our bucket list or chasing lifelong dreams. In fact, it has very little to do with the actual destination. It doesn’t matter if we’re living like royalty at a luxury villa in the Caribbean or connecting with nature at a cottage on the lake. Sure, we’ve enjoyed the Santa Monica pier and Venice Beach boardwalk, but sometimes travel is not about sightseeing and tackling epic adventures.

It’s about spending time together, experiencing new things as a family.

It’s about sharing a hotel room and waking up together. It’s about bouncing on the bed and having a lazy morning. It’s about eating at interesting restaurants, soaking up the atmosphere and connecting with each other, as a family.

Read the full article on our main travel blog – Why we travel with our toddler


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