Win a Consultation Package With The Baby Sleep Site

Win a Basic Email Consultation Package With The Baby Sleep Site

Does your infant have trouble sleeping? You’re not alone! If you have been following Tips For Baby Travel you’ve probably read about our challenges with Baby B’s sleeping.

That was before we found help with The Baby Sleep Site. Five months ago we received our Personalized Sleep Plan™. It helped us develop a consistent routine and formal plan for naps and sleeping at night. Within weeks, we went from Baby B waking every hour to sleeping 3-4 hours a day for naps and only waking a couple times at night to feed.

The consultation was a great success and we recommend it all the time to friends. We are excited to offer one lucky reader the opportunity to receive a free consultation similar to the one we received.

We’re giving away a Basic Email Consultation Package with The Baby Sleep Site

Details of the Giveaway

Your baby’s sleep shouldn’t be stressful and The Baby Sleep Site strives to provide a strong, non-judgmental, support network to help you and your family sleep better. Their website has helped countless families through free online articles, step-by-step e-Books, and private and personalized sleep consulting services.

As the winner, you will receive a Basic Email Consultation package to help with your infants sleep struggles. You will receive a Personalized Sleep Plan™ that is a mini book written just for you and your family. A follow-up email will help to fine tune the plan or provide additional support after you have put the recommend strategies to work.

Entering this giveaway is super easy.

Sign in below through facebook or your email. Once you sign in, you’re given options to tweet, add a comment, and follow us on facebook and twitter. Click the drop down arrow to the right of each entry and make sure you complete each task.

The more you do, the more entries you gain, the greater your chance of winning.

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• Contest ends on Sunday, August 12th, 2012 at midnight EST
• The winner will be randomly selected and announced on our facebook page



87 Responses to “Win a Consultation Package With The Baby Sleep Site”

  • OH I could so do with this to help my 1 year old and me from going insane from sleep deprivation! So reassuring to read that other people are in the same boat though…here’s hoping our little ones start sleeping a bit longer soon!

  • For My Sanity 😉 I have a 6 mth old that sleeps GREAT at night has been sleeping thru the night since 1 mth old but Naps FORGET IT

  • I have 2 year old twins that are still getting up several times a night and coming into bed with us.

  • i can’t get my baby to nap!

  • I find it hard to sleep train #2…With our first, it was a little easier to let her cry a little, but with the second, I didn’t want to wake the first!

  • We have a 2.5 year old and a 16 month old. The older one is pretty good, but my younger one still doesn’t sleep through and loves nursing for comfort…argh! Really need to get him to sleep more!

  • My one year old still does not sleep through the night and it would be great if she would lol.

  • It’s so reassuring to read all these posts to realize that there are other parents going through exactly the same as you! Being a first time mum it’s very hard to know whether or not you are doing the right thing and what is acceptable when it comes to naps, right time for baby to go to bed, how many feeds to do during the night. My 5 month old is very erratic when it comes to naps so would love some advice

  • I probably seem to need a sleep consultation much less than many other parents. Our 10 month old daughter goes down pretty easily most nights at 7 pm – she often sleeps until 4 am and then nurses back to sleep. Sometimes she is up twice a night and when she is sick/teething, she seems to need to cosleep. All in all, our daughter is not a bad sleeper.

    The problem is mom! i have debiltating shoulder pain – a bad injury and complications from surgery — so sleep is a struggle for me on many occasions. The hardest part is when i get awoken in the middle of the night, i simply cannot get comfortable and so i can’t get back to sleep. I also can’t lie on my shoulder so cosleeping is extra tough.

    I love my sweet baby girl and want to be the best mom to her that i can — like all of us, when i am rested, that is just so much easier!

  • This is my second entry. We really could use Nicole’s help but can’t afford it right now as we are in process of selling our house. My son woke at least five times last night, he was up multiple times within an hour even. We expected this when he was a baby but he was a great sleeper. It’s so much harder to deal with knowing that he regressed as the result of coddling from when he was in the hospital and now we just don’t know what to do to get him back on track. If I had it all to do again, I would still have held him for that week and then called Nicole right away when we got home. Please help.

  • Oh…how I’m in need of a baby sleep site consultation. My 2 year old is draining the life out of me!

  • I have 7 month old twins. As the twins were two months early and very small when they were born, we couldn’t let them cry as they couldn’t afford to expend the energy. The bigger twin now usually sleeps through most of the night (though he sometimes rolls over and gets stuck and wakes up cranky!!) while his little brother is a major source of frustration and exhaustion! He won’t sleep unless he’s swaddled but this has become more of a problem as he’s gotten bigger. He fights sleep and the swaddle and once he breaks free and gets his hands loose, he wakes himself up and can’t settle himself back to sleep. A feed in the middle of the night gives me another couple of hours sleep if I’m lucky but 4-5 hours a night is a good nights sleep 🙁

  • I thought my now 34-month old daughter was a major challenge when it came to sleeping, but my 7-month old daughter is now wanting to take the prize for worst niighttime sleeper. She has given me only one 7.5 hour stretch of sleep in her life, and her sleep has deteriorated since having to eliminate her swaddle two weeks ago. We started “sleep training” at 4.5 months (before which she would only sleep decently on my chest all night, and she did so every night so that I could function well enough the next day to care for her and my toddler), but it seems to have gone out the window, along with her no-longer-tolerated swaddle. Ohhhh, to sleep again…

  • My 9 month son fights sleeping – naps, bedtime, everything! I can’t bear to hear him scream any longer. I don’t know what to do to get him to sleep. He’s in bed by 7pm, but is up at 11 (usually needs to eat to sleep) and then up for the day at 530. Sometimes (like the other night) he’s up one or more times between that. It’s exhausting! Naps aren’t any better, and he screams like I’m torturing him. But he’s exhausted! If he stopped crying he’d be asleep immediately.
    I don’t know what else to do…

  • My four month old is queen of the twenty minute nap. I can sometimes get her to sleep a little longer if I’m holding her but that’s not realistic and what’s best for our family. I want my daughter to benefit from getting adequate sleep during the day.

  • I used Nicole services with my first son. Now I have a 5 month old baby, and can’t believe I’m already making the same and more mistakes than I did with my first. Didn’t I learn????? Well, i think I desperately need Nicole’s help again!!!! HELP!!!!!

    • Stellar work there evoeerny. I’ll keep on reading.

    • By February 16, 2013 – 5:30 amKeep up the great work, I read few posts on this site and I conceive that your web blog is really interesting and holds lots of fantastic information.

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  • I have a 21 mo. old and she still does not know how to put herself to sleep. She wakes several times a night as well so it is extremely challenging (and exhausting!) for us all.

  • My 8 month old son is waking up every other hour needing to be held or nursed. He hasnt gotten the concept of self soothing and im getting desperate for sleep. Please help!

  • My daughter was successfully sleep trained at 6 months – she’s now almost 29 months, but has started having difficulty going to sleep when its bedtime (fighting it sometimes for an hour or two with screaming and crying and excuses – more hugs, more kisses, needing a kleenes, etc) and waking in the night again a couple times for no real reason. She also has “always” been an early riser but its getting to be too much – anywhere between 4:30-5:30am every day! I thought we were done with this but don’t know what to do now that’s she that much older and more vocal!

  • My 3 month old just started day care and it is really affecting his sleep patterns. He used to wake up once during the night to nurse, but now wakes 3-4 times. I just returned to work and it’s becoming unbearable.

  • My 5 month old only naps in a baby carrier, wakes every 90 minutes at night, sometimes refuses to go back to sleep and is up every morning at 5am.


  • Hoping for better sleep forvthe whole family!

  • I have an 11 month old who is a restless sleeper. I wake up several times a night to put her back to sleep. I have another baby on the way, and I need her to sleep through the night before baby no. 3 is born in 4 months!

  • I have an almost 7 month old who cosleeps. She will usually go down for naps but when it comes to bedtime she screams bloody murder. I tried pu/pd and ended up with back pains. I tried shush pat and ended up with shoulder and back pains. I love sleeping with her but a) i return to work in less than a month and b) I want her to learn good sleeping habits so she can cope when she’s older. Please help!

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  • I have a new baby and could really use help getting him to sleep better!

  • Sue

    9 month old daughter has never been a sleeper. I nurse her throughout the night to keep her calm. During the day she naps on father’s shoulder.

  • And still i am so lucky! I trained my girl ( thanks to baby sleep site and many reviews) when he was at 4 month old and he was great. After summer time changing, my girl at almost 13 month from now (and having teeth issues) doesn’t fall asleep by her own anymore.

  • We sleep trained about 4.5 months ago. We got my twins down from waking 10-15 times a night to 1-3 times a night. My one son, however has started waking earlier and earlier… now we are in the 4am range. My is waking around 5:30. With them waking so early, they take their naps early and then are totally melting down by 4pm or so (with a 6pm bedtime). I’d love to get them sleeping a little later and fix their napping schedule, perhaps shifting their bedtime later if that would help without dealing with more hours of meltdowns. Cutting out the night wakings would be icing on the cake.

  • Our nearly-4 month old daughter actually sleeps OK, for *now*, but we know the day will come soon when it will all go to hell in a handbasket as we are coming up on the dreaded 4 month regression. We have read loads about it but nothing is as helpful as a knowledgeable person on the other end of the line!

  • My 20-month-old was a perfect sleeper until a couple days before his first birthday when he got very sick, almost died, and spent a week in two hospitals. Eight months later, he still cannot fall asleep on his own, wakes several times in the night even every hour or several times an hour, will spend several hours standing in his crib crying, and my husband and I have worked to the point of injuring ourselves to try to end this destructive cycle with little to no success.

  • My 7 month old has yet ti sleep thrum the night she is a marathon crier and refuses to calm down without a breasted feeding to get her to sleep.

  • AHG

    My 6 month old falls asleep on her own, but still wakes up 2-4 times a night. I would LOVE a consultation!

  • we have a 21 months old daughter . she still wakes up 5 or 6 times per night. We are really exhausted and we really want some advice on how to deal with it!

  • Pat

    Our 1 year old son has cried over and boycotted sleep from the first night. We’ve read lots of books and had minimal success with methods that stop short of “cry it out.” That hasn’t alleviated the overwhelming fatigue and deep desire for good nights of sleep for our entire family.

  • I have been trying everything to help my child sleep and 12 months later we haven’t gotten anywhere. More sleep information couldn’t hurt our situation!

  • I’ve been a BSS follower for months! I’ve been following Nicole’s advice and really feel that a sleep plan is exactly what would seal the deal on making us 100% successful with figuring out sleep.

  • I have a 15 month old with ongoing sleep troubles, particularly with naps and super early wake-ups. I would love some advice!

  • I’ve been living on less than four hours of broken sleep for over a year. My nearly 10 month old still gets up twice a night to feed and wakes in between. The trouble is after an hour and a half of soothing and cajooling to get him to stretch it out, I’m still feeding him at 11 when he goes to bed by 7:30 (yup, he’ll start making noise at 9:30p) and then he wakes around 1 for another bottle (when I’m luck otherwise it’s 12:30 and there is no pacifying him). I can give him the pacifier and he’ll go another hour before really demanding the bottle, but he’ll wake again several more times and it getting up between 5 and 6.

    I’ve tried moving his bedtime to later and earlier. I’m up 4-6 times every night, sometimes 8 or more (those are the really bad nights). Letting him cry it out drives hubby nuts and I can’t deal with hours of it. Soothing does not always work and I feel makes it worse if I go in.


  • I have a 5 months old who only takes 30 min naps. Sometimes nights are good, sometimes not so much. We currently rock/bounce/nurse our baby to sleep and we know that we need to teach him to fall asleep on his own. We just don’t know where to start!

  • My heart hurts for everyone having problems getting their little ones to sleep.. My oldest son is a now a great sleeper at 2 1/2 (after a year of no sleep for us). My youngest son (6 months) started out great & since has been all over. Sometimes my husband & I are trying to get him to fall asleep for a couple hours.. it is so hard.

  • I have a 5 1/2 month old who sleeps well during the day but has trouble staying asleep during the night. He wakes up three or four times at least. I would appreciate some tips!

  • I can get my 6.5 month old to sleep but how to keep her asleep in the night? She wakes every 1-2 hours and need to be put back to sleep… sigh
    am tired now….

  • Would love to have this….our daughter is almost a year and nap time continues to be a struggle….need that boost to make it through and transition to daycare! Love both these sites. Thank you!

  • My 8 month old has always had trouble napping. She would only nap for 30 minutes for about 7 months. Suddenly, we were able to get 45 minute naps and sometimes an hour. That lasted about a month, and now went back to 30 minutes. She also just started a daycare for the first time. She is having to adjust to sleeping with light, noise, and other babies in the room. So, she is not really sleeping, and it is affecting her night time sleep as well. She went from sleeping 12 hours a night straight to sleeping 10 hours a night and waking 3-4 times sometimes.

  • My 8 month old fights sleep like crazy. He’s super active- crawling, pulling up on things, climbing- but he is not of fan of going to bed at night. He knows the routine and when he realizes its happening, if he’s not 100% tired or ready for bed, he starts fighting. It’s crazy how he knows! He also still wakes up at least once a night, sometimes more. I would love the help! Thanks 🙂

  • I need this! I’ve got 3 1/2 month year old twins who have all sorts of quarky habits (i.e. sleeps in car seat and swing, has to have towel covering eyes in order to sleep etc.). Would love the help!

  • I would love to win this package!

  • Amy

    We have a 16 month old who still has not slept through the night. We need help!!

  • I would love to win a package. My son turned one yesterday and now that I am working in the evenings he and my husband are having a hard time getting a routine down. I love this site!

  • We need some help from the sleep baby site because our little one is almost 8 months old, has never been a great sleeper but with teething and summer traveling to the cottage naps and nighttime sleep is super erratic and he has been keeping mommy and daddy awake with many night wakings/feelings!

  • My 8 month old really, really needs some sleep help. He naps pretty well, but nighttime is always a struggle!

  • Joy

    My 5-month-old has started waking up more frequently at night, and fighting naps. I’d love to have some advice from a veteran!

  • Naps are short and inconsistent. We need some help!

  • Amy

    My 7 month old screams and cries the moment we put her in her crib. I don’t know what to do for her. She cries if I stand there and comfort her, she cries if I walk away. I don’t know what to do.

  • Our little one, like many, has lots of issues falling asleep. It’s nearly impossible for anyone but me to get her down!

  • I have a 6-month-old who has slept 5-6 hours or more at night a stretch usually, even while in teething pain since the day we took him home from the hospital and yet my 3-year-old has night terrors and still has up and down sleep issues!

  • My seven month old sleeping patterns in the middle of the night are out of whack. We would love some guidance…

  • Almost 2 year old still not sleeping through the night.

  • Having trouble getting my 15 month old son to stay asleep. He wants to be rocked back to sleep upon each awakening!

  • This the one of the coolest blogs I’ve found. I’ve been wanting to take trips with the family and one of the things holding me back is how they would sleep, I’m trying to sleep train them as it is…I am having a really rough time along the way. But I’m hopeful 🙂 thank you for sharing this information so freely

  • My four month old son has never slept well. Part of that has to do with reflux, but his sleep is all over the map. On one occassion he slept 5 hours during the day, 10 at night, but mostly he refuses his naps and cries for at least an hour every time I put him down. But he is always tired! A few nights since birth he has slept 5 hours consecutively, but on a regular basis it’s no more than 3 and a half. I have tried EVERYTHING! My husband can’t help because he travels so much. I am so sleep deprived.

  • My husband and I are desperate for sleep. My 15 month old is still not sleeping through the night and has such separation anxiety. We’ve read and tried several books but they don’t seem to help our individual situation!

  • My second child has had sleep issues from day one. she is now 17months and has only slept through the night a handful of times. she is the sweetest and most well adjusted baby during the day. she just will not sleep at night! Just last night I got up with her 5 times.

  • I’m adopting a baby whose mother was drug addicted. This has left baby seriously hyper. We wake for up to 3 to 4 bottles per night every single night. I’m a single mom, work full time and am struggling to juggle life with no sleep!

  • I would like a baby sleep consultation package because my daughter has always been on the short side of her sleep needs (with many, many ups and downs throughout her sweet little life!) and recently her sleep has taken a serious down – hardly napping and waking up more during the night, plus waking up for the day at 5:30 or earlier :S

  • My son is 11 weeks now and he only falls asleep in our arms and as soon as we put him down he wakes up again and screams until we pick him up and rock him to sleep again. It could take us up to 1.5 hours just to get him to sleep….this is unbelievably stressfull for me…I don’t want to invite people over, I feel that I don’t know as a mother what to do and I really feel anxious when it comes closer to sleep time in the evenings. For naps its the same story…a bit better. I can sometimes put him down when he is still awake but very sleepy and then he will fall asleep in his cot. But sometimes I can’t get him to fall asleep for his naps and he only takes like 1 nap a day which leaves him groggy and tires in the evenings and then he’s over tired and we struggle. Please help! I would LOVE to win the plan.

  • Elyse is great at naps but when it comes to going down for the night she just screams and screams, sometimes for 2 hours!

  • Would like help with baby who used to sleep through the night now up 6 times a night, is it the daytime routine as difficult to get naps in, baby is 7 month old

  • I have a 6.5 month old that i need help with. She definitely needs help falling asleep and has not learnt how to self soothe. So this means broken sleep for me for the past 6.5 months and my body is starting to break down. I have tried a form of CIO and hated it. It was horrible for her and for me. I need another way and I also need some uninterrupted sleep… please help…

  • I have a 9 month old who was up 8 times last night – I don’t know how to deal with her separation anxiety. I remember when she was up only twice a night…I long for those days (nights) again!

  • With an 18 month old and a 3.75 y/o, sleep can be a challenge! 🙂

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